Company's policy is based on quality of products and services – customer's satisfaction, responsible attitude to environment, care for safety and health at workplace and strategic development.

Company's leadership includes obligation to fulfil requirements of all acquired standards our company is certified and to improve permanently the efficiency of management system. 


In company Himomontaža we are aware, that the quality of products and services, fulfilment of requirements and customers' expectations as well as continuous improving of efficiency and hereby success of quality management system is the most important long-term direction.

With the purpose to reach these goals, we contracted acquirement of ISO 9002:1994 quality system certificate in year 2001. After modification of the standard we adjusted to new requirements of ISO 9001:2008 in year 2009.

In the company we are looking for maintenance, improvement and completion of quality management system according to our customers' requirements and expectations. As well as this our leadership cares for continuous development of our employees by trainings, informing and proper rewarding. 


Environment protection represents one of foundations on which our company is based. The goals we would like to achieve on the field of environment protection are not independently set but are a part of our common long-term business strategy of our company.

We decided for introduction of environmental management system according to ISO EN 14001:2004 what means strategic direction of company leadership by which we would like to overcome and improve the company's effect on environment.

Our effort to reach the highest possible quality contains also efforts for economical treatment with sources. This is valid for our products and services as well. The goal of our environmental policy is to harmonize efforts for environment protection and cost efficiency of our management.

SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM SCCP:2011 (Safety Certified Contractors)

With the purpose of realization of basic goals to ensure reduction of business risk and on this basis strengthening competitive advantage, our main care at our working shall be care for health and safety of our employees and environment protection and provision of highest possible level of living in general.

By acquirement of Management System SCC**:2007 in year 2010 i.e. international standard for safety, health and environmental treatment our company has done in important step by receiving orders for mechanical works across the developed EU countries. All these also caused increasing of company's success as well as showed training policy of employees on the field of EHS.

In this year our company's leadership decided to upgrade the international EHS standard and obtained certificate for Management System according to SCCP:2011 - the field of petrochemical industry. 


All welding works are performed in accordance with EN ISO 3834-2 standard for assurance of welding quality of the most demanding materials.

We are certified by company TÜV for manufacture and erection of boilers, pressure vessels according to European directive 97/23/EG: AD 2000-Merkblatt HP0/ HP 100 R/EN 13445-4/ EN12952-5/ EN 13480-4 and EN ISO 3834-2.

By institution SLV Saarbrucken we are certified as manufacturer of steel construction according to DIN 18800-7:2008-11, E group.

Welding technology and preparation of welding procedure (WPS) is made by our own professional personnel (IWE, IWT, IWS). In cooperation with professional institutions we have certified above 30 welding procedures (WPQR). 

We mostly perform welding of pipelines and other mechanical equipment by TIG/E (141/111) procedure by low and high carbon stainless materials.

Besides, we also perform:

-       MAG (135) welding procedure – carbon steel

-       MIG (131) welding procedure – stainless steel and aluminium

-       Flame (311) welding procedure – carbon and low stainless steel






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